I met Joe through serendipitous circumstances.  I mentioned my plans to travel to Uganda to a teacher I really liked. She told me about her friend, Joe, who lived in Uganda who was an amazing young gentleman.  He had once been a sponsored child and now was trying to give back by helping other young people in Uganda find ways to financially sustain themselves.  When I contacted Joe, he happened to be working in the city closest to the rural village where I was traveling to see Irene. He told me he would meet me at the airport in Entebbe and drive me to Kampala. What a relief! In my emails back and forth to Joe I was able to hear the passion he had for the people of Uganda. 

Joseph was sponsored by a non-profit organization to help children from poor families in Uganda to receive a quality education.  Now in his early twenties and no longer a sponsored child, Joseph desire is to give back to his community. He was elected chairperson of the youth in Masindi town parish. His intention is to help the youth of Uganda build a sustainable financial future for themselves and their community.  Joseph has started beehive projects to produce quality honey in Uganda.  He also has the dream of starting a technical service company to help get jobs for young technicians and to build industrial skills for vocation students in Uganda.

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