All of a sudden I woke up with a jolt of feeling angry at bad news I had received by email earlier in the day.  Why out of all the days of the year, did I have to receive this “bad news” on my birthday?  I woke up mad, really mad.  As I often think there are no accidents, I got out of bed and started reading to calm myself.  I was a bit confused because it was uncharacteristic of me to wake up in the middle of the night angry over something that seemed semi-petty.  As I thought about it, I realized I wasn’t angry so much about the timing of the email I received, I was really angry about another greater challenge/tragedy I was currently dealing with in my personal life.  I began to wonder if receiving this email was a way to “wake me up” physically and metaphorically to my angrier/stronger side.  I had prayed to get guidance about my personal situation before I went to sleep that night.  I had no idea my answer would come in the form of getting angry.  But I think it was just the shot I needed to help shift my perspective. I tend to err on the softer side; I realized the timing of the email was a vehicle to help motivate my energy in a different direction regarding my situation.

Ultimately, I do not feel anger is a negative quality, but rather a human quality.  It could be used to motivate us towards good or harm.  In my case, I realized that perhaps I needed to mobilize more of my stronger side to better deal with my challenging situation for the benefit of myself and others… Perhaps I was being too soft about my situation, in the moment mistaking compassion as being reflected only in kindness.  Compassion can also be used in a way to not be trampled on and to set appropriate boundaries!  Kindness is good, but sometimes it requires being strong and firm at the same time. 

The next morning when I woke up and received negative news on the phone, I was better prepared with how to deal with the situation. My internal guidance system from that night helped me access more of my strength in making appropriate decisions for the day.

So if there is anything I can share with you that I hope in some way might be helpful, it would be, “Be compassionate, and when necessary, be firm.”

Live with Love!


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