Yesterday was my birthday.  I wanted to share about Lorato and the wonderful work she has been doing in South Africa, but instead, I was experiencing a personal “tragedy.”  I wish I could say my life was constant peace and bliss, but alas, it is far from it!  I may be able (on good days) to control my responses to what life brings, but unfortunately, I cannot always control what life brings.  When life brings rotten tomatoes, the challenge becomes to find peace and bliss despite outer circumstances…not so easy, and not so always well done on my part.  Today, in the midst of my outer experience of chaos, I read something by Paramahansa Yogananda that deeply comforted me.

     “Evil serves the same purpose as does the villain in a drama.  The villain’s misdeeds help to awaken in us love for the hero and virtuous ways.  Similarly, evil and its painful after-effects are meant to awaken in us love for goodness and God.”

Although, I wouldn’t necessarily call my situation “evil,” it is definitely a challenging situation that has caused me, and others, great pain.  Seen in the light of Yogananda’s words, I understood that this suffering could be encountered from a higher perspective; the suffering was awakening a love for goodness and God in all of us who were involved.  Understood in this way, I was able to face this situation with greater courage.  Not knowing what the physical outcome of the situation would be, I knew that on an emotional and spiritual level the outcome would be an awakening of greater love.  If it meant going through the suffering to get to this greater love, then the journey was worth it.

With gratitude in my heart, in the midst of my suffering, I can say I experienced grace today… Though far from over, my situation which could have gone any which way, appears to be heading in a positive direction. My heart has received a huge birthday gift; a gift of courage, grace, and ever increasing love…May I share it with you in the midst of any suffering you too may be experiencing…

Grace, peace, and love to you,


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